The Legend of the Koi and the dragon - Kinam

In the realm of ancient lore, a story of golden koi emerges, sweeping across the currents of China's majestic Yellow River. Together they shimmered, a synchronized ballet of scales reflecting the sunlight as they braved the formidable currents, an embodiment of strength and unity. Yet, upon meeting a towering waterfall, many surrendered to the river's lull, allowing the currents to draw them back into the abyss.

But there were those who refused to yield. These resilient koi danced upwards, their bodies arcing in the spray as they ascended toward the crest, their efforts unfruitful yet undeterred. Their unyielding spirit taunted the local river demons, who in their spite, heightened the waterfall. Even so, after a century of relentless striving, a single koi, persistent and undeterred, scaled the mighty waterfall. The gods, moved by this koi's perseverance, rewarded its tenacity by transforming it into a radiant golden dragon, a beacon of power and strength. Thus, the humble koi became a symbol of indomitable spirit, proof that the seemingly weak and ordinary could ascend to the extraordinary in the face of adversity.

Against this backdrop, behold an art piece of unparalleled uniqueness, a visual manifestation of this enduring tale. Commissioned by Mr. Ali Attar and meticulously crafted by a renowned Chinese artist, this artwork is a testament to resilience. Handmade with thirty layers of acrylic and adorned with traditional Chinese brushwork, it features an ancient Aquilaria tree from Hainan and rocks from the Yellow River. The artist devoted a full year to bring this piece to life, a labor of love and dedication, mirroring the koi's relentless journey. Now, it takes center stage in The Perfumist office, a daily inspiration that resilience in the face of adversity yields unparalleled rewards.

Complementing this visual symphony is an exclusive oil, the embodiment of rarity. Distilled from wild woods in China's Hainan region in 1997, this pure Chinese Kinam hails from a lone, century-old tree. A mere 22 ML of this transcendent oil exists, bottled with reverence into just seven 3 ML vessels for the world to treasure. Like the koi's transformation into a dragon, this oil is an ode to patience, to persistence, to the power of never giving up. And now, it's within your reach.